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What is it?

Healing the body through working the hands or feet is an ancient therapy. The earliest evidence of hand and foot massage was discovered in Egypt in the tomb of Ankhmahor. The Ancient Chinese worked the hands and feet to maintain good health and prevent disease and traditional Ayurvedic medicine also incorporates hand and foot massage.

Reflexology is based on the theory that the body can be divided into zones and that imbalances in one part of the zone can be addressed through working another part of the same zone. Dr William Fitzgerald introduced 'zone therapy' to the western world in the early 1900's. He discovered that he could alleviate pain in one area of a zone by applying deep pressure to another area of the zone, usually on the hand. In the 1930's Eunice Ingham developed zone therapy into what we now know as reflexology. She developed foot maps showing where specific points (reflexes) on the feet and hands relate to different areas on the body . Reflexology was introduced to the United Kingdom in the 1960's by Doreen Bayley.

Reflexologists believe that by applying pressure to these reflex points it stimulates healing in the corresponding organs, glands and structures of the body.

How can it help me?

Reflexology is very relaxing and it provides an excellent way of relieving stress and tension. By attending regular sessions of reflexology you will be allowing your body to rest and heal itself. It may also help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, migraines, insomnia, PMT, the menopause and digestive problems.

It is not known exactly how reflexology works but there are thousands of nerve endings in each foot and it is believed that by working the feet deeply it stimulates these nerve endings. The nervous system is made up of millions of cells that all communicate with one another via neural pathways to control the body and maintain homeostasis ( a balanced state). These neural pathways can become less efficient perhaps due to tight muscles which result in a slowing down of a nerve impulse. Reflexology is thought to stimulate the nerves and neural pathways and it helps to clear the pathways so the nerve impulses can be transported more efficiently.

Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or cure and a reflexology treatment should never be taken instead of medical advice.

Foot & Hand Map

Click on the images below to show reflex points on the feet or hands - good for self care in between your treatments

Lesley Tucker Reflexology Foot Map
Lesley Tucker Reflexology Hand Map

Facial Reflexology

This wonderfully relaxing treatment has all the benefits of foot reflexology with the added bonus of improving the appearance of the face.

It works on reflex points on the face so will give you the same holistic benefits as foot reflexology with the added bonus that it promotes the production of new skin tissue and improves skin tone as well as relieving any tension in the face or jaw area. It can be very beneficial in treating migraines, tension in the jaw, sinus problems, bells palsy, insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Lesley Tucker Reflexology- Facial Reflexology
Lesley Tucker Reflexology Acupressure

Facial Acupresure

Facial Acupressure therapy treats the unique structure of the face to support emotional and stress relief. It also incorporates working with the Chinese Acupressure facial map to benefit the whole body. I incorporate the facial acupressure points with facial reflexology.

Treatments involve a short scalp massage to release any tension in the scalp or neck. I prepare the skin by using a cleanser and hot towel. A face oil is then applied so the skin can be worked upon. You will feel and look revitalised it's a very safe treatment and good for those with chronic conditions.

Zone Face Lift

Improve your appearance from the inside out. This holistic treatment is being hailed as a natural alternative to botox and fillers. The techniques used combine facial reflexology points with Japanese massage techniques and specialist facial tools including gua sha and quartz crystals. Regular treatments promote a healthy complexion and younger looking skin. I had a lovely review of my Zone Face Lift treatment in the magazine Devon Life.

Lesley Tucker Reflexology - Facial Reflexology

The face is a mirror to your health and wellbeing. Stress can be seen on the face in frown creases, deep lines, sallow skin and dark circles with muscles becoming fixed or weak resulting in sagging skin. The Zone Lift Treatment will give you all the benefits of a traditional reflexology session, providing a deep sense of relaxation combined with improved skin tone and facial texture.

Only natural and organic products are used giving you a truly holistic and effective facial treatment. You will be shown techniques to work on your face daily at home.

Typical results include:

Naturally stimulating the production of collagen and elastin

Help to release emotional strain from the face

Smoothing and lifting of the face giving a glowing complexion

Reduced stress levels

Structural Reflexology

Feet are so important to good health, if you wear shoes which are too tight or injure your foot it can affect how you place your foot when walking and ultimately have an effect on your health and well-being.

I offer Structural Reflexology sessions which combine reflexology with massage to the feet and lower legs along with a gentle mobilisation of the feet. It aims to release tension in the feet as a result of muscle and ligament strain and it allows the bones of the feet to settle back into their position with improved functionality.

Lesley Tucker Reflexology
Lesley Tucker Reflexology

Case Study

This client injured her foot over 15 years ago, the ankle was very puffy more so after walking. She also experienced pain in her feet on rising in the morning and after sitting for long periods it was difficult to weight bear on that foot.

After 6 treatments the pain and swelling have reduced greatly, she is able to walk along the coast path again without pain and the foot no longer swells up. Also to her delight the toes are shifting back to their natural position and she is now able to move the toes gently, she was not able to do this before.

Also as an aside the big toe, in reflexology terms, relates to the head, neck and jaw. This client has long standing jaw issues so as well as treating the foot from a structural point of view regarding the bones and muscles I also work the parts of the feet that have congestion in their reflex points. Namely the head, neck, jaw and shoulder reflexes.

Reflexology & Lymphoedema

Often the feet and ankles can swell due to fluid retention, by working the lymphatic system via the feet it can reduce swelling in these areas.

Gentle exercise such as walking, dry skin brushing & drinking plenty of water and reducing caffeine and sugar can also help to improve fluid retention.

I have trained in Reflexology Lymph Drainage techniques which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause a positive effect on the lymphatic system in the body. A small research study was carried out to examine the use of Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) in the treatment of Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema (BCRL). The conclusion was that RLD may be a useful intervention for BCRL but further research was needed. The treatment can be carried out on the hands or feet.

Lesley Tucker Reflexology

Reflexology Workshops

Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology for an empowered perimenopause.  A fun interactive facial reflexology workshop where you will learn a few natural face lifting techniques to lift, sculpt and brighten your complexion.  In addition learn several facial reflexology routines you can incorporate into a daily routine for self-care to balance hormones and to help you cope with many perimenopausal symptoms.  

Lesley Tucker Reflexology Workshop Image
Lesley Tucker Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology for health and wellbeing - learn hand reflexology techniques to use in times of stress, relieve headaches and balance hormones

Please do get in touch, I can run these workshops in workplaces, gyms, healthcare centres or via zoom. As a group or on a 1:1 basis.


Reflexology is a great tool to use to de-stress, either by offering short taster treatments or demonstrating hand/facial reflexology for employees to perform their own self-care. Reflexology is also covered by many health plans making this a free service to your employees. Call me to discuss how I can help your workforce improve their health and wellbeing and ultimately improve staff absence levels.

Lesley Tucker Reflexology

Research into Reflexology

Here are a few studies into the effects of Reflexology - always good to see some science behind the therapy.

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